After naming your creative, you will be able to select the Media Type. You will have the choice to select: Banner Ad, In-Banner Video Ad, Native Ad, Pop under and Video Ad.

  • Banner Ad

If you want to set up a Banner Ad, you can select the IAB size when all your banners are the same format. If they’re not, just leave it as default, our platform is going to detect the size.

Click on the Image Library box, you will see all the banners with the size that you’ve selected and you can choose from there.

When you select a banner, you will automatically see the image URL, the AdTag and the Landing Page. You will also have a creative preview on your right.

If you don’t have a banner and you want to run a JavaScript tag, you can ask an admin to give you the AdTag editing option.

  • In-Banner Video Ad

First things you’re going to be able to control are the Autoplay and the Sound. Then you will either select an IAB size or type it manually on the Width and Height boxes. You can now paste your tag.

  • Native Ad

These are the restrictions for the Native Ad:

  • Headline: No more than 50 characters 
  • Description: No more than 99 characters
  • Sponsored Text: No more than 25 characters
  • Thumbnail: We recommend that the small thumbnail should be 600x314
  • Large Thumbnail: We recommend that the large thumbnail should be 1200x627

While adding the requirements, you will see a preview of you Native Ad on your right.

  • Pop under

When creating a pop campaign, all you have to do it paste your URL on the right box and you will be able to see the preview on your right.

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