• Categories *

You can target by categories that can be selected following the IAB standard. You can also select. (*Contact your Account Manager for this feature)

  • Geo targeting

The geo targeting is important if you don’t want to get worldwide traffic. If you want to select a specific city you can select it in Geo City, same for the state if you want to run a campaign in the United States.

You can also select one or many specific places on the Map targeting, by directly dropping pins or typing the coordinates in the manual boxes.

  • Device

The platform allows you to select which OS to target (iOS, Android and Windows) with specific OS versions, and the type browser. It is also possible to target specific device vendors.

First select if you want to include or exclude, and then type the name of the OS, browser and device vendor.

  • Traffic category

It is very important that you select the right category, either mainstream or adult. For a example if you want to run an adult campaign an you select mainstream, your ad won’t be approved.

Please get in touch with our Support team if you have any doubt regarding the traffic category.

  • SSPs

You can whitelist one or many specific SSPs by selecting them. If you want to blacklist some of them, you can select all the other SSPs.

Our SSPs are categorized by traffic category. If you select mainstream, you will only get sources that sends mainstream traffic, don’t worry about getting the wrong type of traffic.

If you’re not familiar with the SSPs yet, we suggest to leave them blank, by default you will get traffic from all of them. You will then be able to see which sources brings you the best traffic and optimize.

Next step is to add your campaign creative

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