{clickid} - Unique impression ID
{exchange_name} - Passes the exchange name that received the click
{creative_id} - Creative ID
{campaign} - Name of campaign
{creative} - Passes the creative name that received the click
{carrier} - Carrier used by mobile device
{os} - OS of device
{os_version} - OS Version
{device} - Device type
{media_type} - App or Site
{gps_lat} - Latitude coordinates of the device
{gps_lon} - Longitude coordinates of the device
{country} - Country of visitor
{ip} - IP address of user
{app} - Name of app where ad is placed
{site} - Name of site where ad is placed
{placement} - Combination of site and app. Name of either site or app where ad is placed.
{placement_id} - sub1 of xml feeds, [id zone] for exoclick and app id for other SSPs
{ua} - User agent string
{category} - IAB Category of site/app
{subcategory} - IAB Subcategory of site/app
{ifa} - the mobile advertiser ID
{idfa} - iOS User IDFA
{android_id} - Google Android Id
{app_id} - Passes a numeric ID (for Apple) or bundle name (for Google) specific to the mobile app responsible for generating the click
{timestamp} - Passes the Timestamp that received the click
{random} - Passes a random value for cache busting
{cost} - CPC or eCPC (if CPM) bid that won the impression

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