In order to make sure conversions are well tracked on A4G DSP and utilise the full potential of the platform (e.g: Auto-optimization), it is imperative to make sure that conversions are well tracked on A4G DSP. Here is the step by step tutorial to do

  1. The first step consists of creating the conversion pixel (Please refer to this help center article to do so) and adding it to your thank you page or wherever you'd like the conversion to be counted.

P.S: Make sure you turn on the conversion pixel after creating it

    2. After that comes the test and for our system to be able to count the conversion, we'll need to simulate a real impression with a unique identifier. In order to do so, we'll need to create a filter list that targets one placement ID: 67110

   3. After that you'll need to create a test campaign that targets A4G Banner SSP (you can also add unique targeting parameters like your browser, OS, country...) and link the filter list to the campaign.

   4. Add a creative (size 300x250) to the campaign and add your click URL
P.S: for pop campaigns, you can create a banner campaign and add a sample image like this one:  

   5. The final step consists of visiting the page: Click on the banner and simulate a conversion. After 30 minutes, run a report and check if the conversion appears on the report (you can also check the dashboard in real time, but with less details).

Feel free to send any questions you might have to your account manager or email us at:

Important: When choosing to work with an S2S conversion pixel, make sure you pass back the click ID that was passed to you by our system.

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