• A4G DSP offer you the possibility to customize your reports depending on your needs
  • There are 3 reports thatthe platformoffers:

The Graph Report:

  • It's the first thing that loads when you choose the «Reports» menu. It includes the evolution of impressions, spending, clicks, CTR, eCPM,Conversions, eCPA…
  • You can choose the period by choosing one of the options available (1)
  • "Custom" gives you the possibility to choose a specific period

The Dashboard Report:

  • The Dashboard gives an overview of an account’s activity: 

Global spend (1),
Total clicks, conversions and eCPA (2),
Total Impressions (3),
Balance (4),
Campaigns Activity (5)
Creatives Activity (6)

The Report:

  • You can access the full customized report from the bottom of the “Reports”
  • You can filter your data using the group fields shown in the screenshot

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