In order to set up a new campaign on A4G DSP, you have to:

  • Choose« Campaigns »on the Menu, and click on « Campaigns »
  • On the new window,Click on the orange « Add Campaign » bouton
  • A new window will pop with campaign specifications to set up
  • Fill in the « Campaign Name » with your desired campaign name.
  • You can then move to choose your campaign type.

›Banner+Native+Video:For Banners,Native or Video choose this type.

›Pop-under:For pop campaigns choose this one.

  • While setting the Start/End Date, make sure you choose the correct dates. Surprisingly enough,many users don’t receive any traffic for their campaigns as they choose the wrong dates. Your campaign will only receive traffic during this period of time.
  • Max impressions: is the impressions cap you choose for your campaign. After reaching this number, your campaign will be automatically paused.If you wish not to set a limit put 0 in the field.
  • Max Day Impressions: is the daily impressions cap of the campaign.If you don’t need a cap, input 0 in the field.
  • Campaign Budget: Specify the total budget for your campaign.
  • Daily Cap: Specify the daily your campaign, if you don’t enter a value your campaign will continue to spend until the total Campaign Budget is used up.
  • The other parameters concern fraud detection, you can choose either Protected Media (gives you a % of fraudulent traffic from all the bought traffic) or (Pre-bid prevention tool that blocks fraudulent impressions before buying them).
  • Budget Use: You can choose between “Spend as fast as possible” and “Pace evenly throughout day”. We always recommend to use the first one as it seems to deliver better results.
  • Placement Cap: allows you to create caps for each placement.
  • Time targeting: You can choose what times to launch your campaign (make sure to look at the time zone on top).
  • Categories: These are the IAB categories, they offer a huge variety of categories like (gaming, sports, movies…). WARNING: As few traffic sources send back this information, choosing a category limits drastically the volume of traffic your campaign can receive! (This feature is removed, please contact your Account Manager)
  • Geo Country: You can either include or exclude a list of countries you wish to receive traffic from. For USA,  you can target by state and city
  • HTTP Language: The language used in the page where the ad’s going to be displayed at
  • Browser User Agent Grep:  It’s a way for websites to identify the browser and its version, but most importantly allow advertisers to target specific browsers. WARNING: Not many traffic sources send this information as System browser is enough.
  • Traffic Type: You can choose from the different types: Desktop, Mobile App or Mobile Web
  • Mobile Device Type: Smartphone or Tablet
  • Connection Type: You can choose either Wi-Fi or Carrier. WARNING: Make sure to target a country before choosing a carrier as some of them use the same name for all countries
  • System OS: is the OS the visitor uses to view the ad, the list is updated to include the widely used systems across all devices
  • System Browser: is the target browser, you can choose to target from an inclusive list of system browsers
  • Traffic Category: You have the choice between two feeds Mainstream and Adult. WARNING: Make sure to choose correctly, as your campaign might get banned if you choose a Mainstream traffic for an adult campaign.
  • SSP List: As this is a transparent network, you can choose the list of SSPs to include or exclude
  • Device Vendor: It’s the brand of the device (i.e: Apple, Samsung…)
  • Location: you can choose to pick your targeted location manually or by inputting GPS coordinates and a radius

You can now move to add your creatives!

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